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It’s time to find out how a relationship with a client-focused trusted advisor is supposed to feel like. Our best clients are those that make their own decisions and are simply looking for good advice that they can understand. Take a moment to explore our website, then contact us to find out why more than 85% of our business comes from existing clients.

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Latest Client Makeover: Traditional legacy planning

After 30+ year of owning their own business, Morty and Linda have amassed a net worth of over $15 Million. Morty and Linda are both 79 ...

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Latest Free Booklet: More Income, Less Risk

You will learn several strategies that we use to safely maximize your income and tax ...

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Latest Free Report: No and low cost options for Long Term Care: 2014

You will learn about the best products on the market today that provide chronic illness protection at no or minimal ...

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What we do

  Question: What do you guys do?   Answer: I thought you’d never ask. Hopefully, over the years our consistent followers ...

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Not Too Much Longer

  Question: When are interest rates going to go up?   Answer: A better question would be when is the “tax” on ...

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It’s about agendas

  Question: I have several annuities and keep hearing mixed things about them. What are your thoughts?   Answer: Anyone who has ...

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