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Phyllis and Richard T.

"They are terrific young men who are really aggressive and knowledgeable. . . We are very pleased with their results. . . They've really done a sensational job for us. . . They know what they are doing and they do it well." -Phyllis and Richard T. [col2]Click Here To Register For Our Classes! [/col2] [...]

Donald & Roselyn H.

"They have been very helpful. . . caring and understanding. They have really gone the extra mile. . . I always get an answer. . . They may be busy at the present time, but they'll call me right back. . . We've never had a problem with them. Never." -Donald & Roselyn H. [col2]Click [...]

Elaine & Donald S.

"They've always been responsive to everything we've wanted. . . we are very pleased to be with Seeman Holtz ." -Donald & Elaine S. [col2]Click Here To Register For Our Classes! [/col2] [col2_last]Click Receive FREE Informational Booklets! [/col2_last]

Richard D.

"We've been impressed with their professionalism. . . it is important to get involved with a company that understands your needs, the needs of the senior retirees. . . give them a chance, listen to what they have to say, and meet with them. . . I met with at least four different outfits before [...]

Why Choose Us?

Seeman Holtz handles every client differently with an individual and unique approach. Every client has a different set of circumstances, whether it's health, finances, family structure and philosophy. S eeman Holtz works with the individual and family to develop and provide the best possible planning and results. There is no one plan that makes sense [...]

Seeman Holtz

301 Yamato Rd #2222, Boca Raton, FL 33431
Boca Raton, FL