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Client Makeover: Legacy Planning With Premium Financing

James & Mary have worked hard their whole lives and have amassed a net worth just over $4 Million.  James is 81, Mary is 78 and due to health issues, they are not able to qualify for certain Estate Planning Strategies.  They have two children, who are doing well and three grandchildren. James and Mary [...]

Client Makeover: Tax Mitigated Roth Conversion

Helen is 62 years old with a Traditional IRA valued at $500,000.  She does not need income from the IRA in the near future but will most likely need income from her IRA in several years.  Helen believes that taxes will be going up in the near future. Knowing that her IRA distributions will be fully [...]

Client Makeover: Traditional Legacy Planning

After 30+ years of owning their own business, Morty and Linda have amassed a net worth of over $15 Million.  Morty and Linda are both 79 years old.  They have three children, who are doing well and five grandchildren. Morty and Linda are content knowing that they have full access to their money should a [...]

Client Makeover: Additional Retirement Income With Fixed Indexed Annuities

David is 63 and retired.  His wife Linda is 59 and will probably be retiring in a few years.  When Linda retires, they realize that they will have a shortfall of $30,000 per year of income.  They have several hundred thousand in assets and realize they will need to use some of their assets for [...]

Client Makeover: Additional Retirement Income

Stuart is 50 years old, married and is now an empty nester. Stuart is now ready to start adding more money into his retirement plan but he is already maxing out his 401k every year. Knowing that his 401k will be fully taxable when he retires, he would like to have some tax free income [...]

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