What Did 2016 Show Us About Investing?

2016 was a year of big profits and success for those investing with the help of the elite advisors at Seeman Holtz. Make 2017 your year to shine! Contact the professional's today! "Investing is a pursuit best liberated from short-term analysis that tends to mislead more than edify. But 2016 was one of those rare [...]

The Dangers Of Unconventional Investing Practices

Do you think your collection of baseball cards will be enough for your retirement? Well, that's a bit extreme, but there are a number of unconventional investing practices that are often the road to disaster. Get the help of the elite financial advisors who will set your retirement up for success! "The danger for individual [...]

Planning Out A Long Retirement

How long do you think you will live? An odd question - yes... but if you don't ask it, your retirement plan is going to suffer. "One challenge to funding retirement is getting a handle your lifespan. And what we know now is this: You and/or your spouse are likely to live a long life. And [...]

What Does Snapchat’s Move To London Mean For Taxes?

In a big company tax shakeup - Snapchat's parent company, Snap Inc., is moving it's international headquarters to London... "WSJ's Sam Schechner and Tanya Rivero discuss what the move means for the company's upcoming IPO and how Snap is changing its tax structure to comply with European Union regulations." [ Credit: Wall Street Journal ]

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