Are You Sabotaging Your Retirement?

Are you secretly sabotaging your retirement? If you don't have a proper plan in place to ensure a happy life after work, it's time to talk to Seeman Holtz elite financial advisory team today! "There’s a lot of information out there these days on retirement income planning. Everybody is offering advice, and a lot of [...]

Investing Your 401(k) For Retirement

Do you have a 401(k) lying around that you haven't but much thought into? Contact the retirement specialists at Seeman Holtz and find out how you can turn that 401(k) into a retirement plan. "Most of us focus our time and attention on growing our nest egg during our career. By the time retirement draws [...]

What Does A Rupee Ban Mean For India?

India's prime minister has banned 500 - and 1000 rupee notes, hoping to crack down on corruption. But what does this mean for residents who are left with useless cash? "The now-obsolete notes account for more than 85% of the value of currency in circulation, which may seem to be a massive inconvenience for an [...]

What’s The Goal At Seeman Holtz?

The professional advisors at Seeman Holtz have only one thing in mind - your well-being, and the future health of your financial status... Their goal is... "To be a national leader in comprehensive post-retirement financial planning with common sense options presented in a way that is easy to understand. We want all of your business [...]

Investors Turning To Black Friday Retailers

The allure of Black Friday retail investing has drawn a lot of attention, with this year tallying up some healthy numbers.  "At least since the 1930s, the day after Thanksgiving has been considered the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Since at least the 1960s it has been referred to as “Black Friday.” In recent [...]