Will you need to work or choose to in retirement?

The best retirement is one you plan for. Will you need to work until you die? It’s an important question, and one more people are answering in the affirmative. The Washington Post reports: People are living longer, more expensive lives, often without much of a safety net. As a result, record numbers of [...]

Unexpected early retirement doesn’t have to be disastrous

Retire early with ease. Sometimes good things, like retirement, come early, even when we don’t expect them. In which case, they aren't always such good things. This is especially true of early retirement. Many Americans say they want to work past age 65. But polling performed every year since 1991 by the Employee [...]

Lets Talk Annuities

Let's talk annuities with Seeman Holtz's very own partner Eric Holtz.

Why Investing Is A Make Or Break For Businesses

Investing matters, and in more than one way. Your businesses future likely rests on the backs of investments that can make or break your bottom lines, make the right financial decisions for your business with the help of Seeeman Holtz elite financial advisors. "Corporations understand that investments (i.e., acquisitions, mergers, new businesses) take some time [...]

Want To Retire 30 Years Early? Hear From The Guy Who Did It…

Are you having a hard time picturing your retirement outlook? There are a number of ways to start growing your retirement funds, and although they aren't the easiest life changes, they will reward you generously in the long run... "Americans are drastically undersaved for retirement, or not saving at all. Some younger Americans can’t picture retirement, which [...]

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