Should You Be Investing At The Market’s Peak?

The stock market is still ringing in at all time high numbers, and with it the question arises... should you be investing at market peaks? Unfortunately the answer is a difficult one as you never know what the future will bring. "The S&P 500 Index has recorded more than 150 new all-time highs since eclipsing [...]

Retirement By 40… Are You Behind The Game?

Are you hoping to walk off into that vast land of retirement at the age of 40? Chances are if you haven't put considerable thought and planning into motion, you are going to be behind in the game... "With stories of people achieving financial independence in their 30s and 40s saturating the Internet, the prospect of early [...]

Retail Industries Fighting Through A Tough 2017

With online retailers taking the market share from a number of traditional brick and mortar establishments, it's been a tough year thus far for a number of businesses, as it seems is the trend carrying on for a while now. CNNMoney  is diving into the "Death of Retail" by running down how e-commerce is taking over [...]

The Financial Experts Planning Your Future

Prepare your finances for the future, and set yourself up for a happy and exciting time in retirement. The financial experts at Seeman Holtz are waiting to help you prepare for retirement, and answer any financing questions you might have. Get the latest financial news from the expert financial advisors at Seeman Holtz by following them [...]

Ten Years Since The Global Financial Crisis

It's been a decade since the last major global financial crisis with the governments of the world and central banks rewriting their operations to nullify some of the fallout. CNNMoney breaks down the history of the major crisis, ten years on... "Ten years ago Wednesday, French bank BNP Paribas blocked withdrawals from hedge funds that specialized in U.S. [...]

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