Smart Investing Post-Brexit

Don't let the confusion of Brexit leave your finances in question. Contact Seeman Holtz today and be prepared for your future! With turmoil surrounding Brexit, Forbes takes a look at where our smart investments are heading... "The “Brexit” decision stunned investors around the world, and led to a flurry of overnight trades as people grasped to [...]

Brexit’s Affect On Asian Investment Markets

Financial investments around the world are in flux following the unexpected Brexit decision. Wall Street Journal is taking a look into the numbers behind the affect the United Kingdom leaving the European Union will have on Asian investment markets and how they can affect you. Your financial planning leader's at Seeman Holtz are waiting for your call [...]

How Long Does Social Security Have Left?

According to the Social Security and Medicare trustees' most recent report, Social Security's trust fund will not be able to pay out all of its promised benefits in about 18 years.  Retirees are projected to receive only about 79% of what they would expect to receive by 2034, assuming no changes are made.  [ More [...]

How Will Brexit Shape The U.S. Stock Market?

Last week's plunge by the United Kingdom in their legendary Brexit vote has brought instability to stock markets around the world, with the U.S. feeling a pinch last week. How will the U.S. stock market be shaped by the changes? "Before Europe's market open, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne spoke publicly for the first [...]

Volkswagen Emission Settlement On The Horizon

The expected terms of Volkswagen's settlement for lawsuits claiming that they cheated on emissions test for their diesel cars were announced this Thursday. Volkswagen will pay owners of the polluting cars anywhere from $2,000 to $7,000 each, with the total settlement adding up to north of $10 billion. Read more on what's next for Volkswagen [...]