Top Factors Aiding The U.S. Economy Boom

Are you looking for a safe place to put your money, to stock up for life after work? Get your retirement picture sharpened up with the help from the elite advisors at Seeman Holtz! Where is the U.S. economy boom coming from? Check out these top factors helping the growth:

Michael Phelps Enters Retirement At 31

What a great age to be able to retire! Following an amazing career in the sport of swimming, Michael Phelps is enjoying his first days of retirement following bringing home a total of 23 gold medals in his time. Most of us aren't lucky enough to retire at 31, but with the help of the [...]

The Millennial Retirement Obstacle

Is retirement the last thing on the mind's of today's millennials? The idea of retirement may be far off for many of today's youth, but it is something everyone of every age should be focusing on to ensure a happy future. Contact Seeman Holtz elite advisors and get your finances on track today!

More Workers Remaining On The Job Past Retirement

Are you ready for your retirement? The advisors at Seeman Holtz can get you on track to a great lifestyle after work, contact them today. Unfortunately for many Americans retirement is not removing them from the job, as they are remaining part of the workforce far past when they expected. There are a number of [...]

Find Retirement Without A Mortgage

Home ownership is an important part of your retirement planning, but if you can make that mortgage a thing of the past ahead of time your far more likely to enjoy enjoy your time after work. "Planning for your future mortgage expenses today can go a long way toward securing your retirement income stream tomorrow..." [...]