China’s Economy Continues To See Growth

This year's third quarter continued to show growth for China's economy, with a 6.7% uptick. But what's driving the economic success being felt overseas? CNNMoney dives into the latest reports and takes a look at the booming economy.

Are We In Store For Some Big Stock Gains?

Will the months ahead be bringing about some big stock gains? If it's time to get your financial future mapped out you need to contact Seeman Holtz and talk to their elite advisors today! The Wall Street Journal goes behind the scenes and breaks down why we might be headed toward a great time for the stock [...]

Brexit’s Affect On Student Finances

Brexit is continuing to cause it's uncertainty in the European economy, with a number of investors keeping their eyes on the news to protect themselves from the changes. Brexit's touch has reached out to everything from banks to student loans. Lets take a better look into how student finances are being affected by the changes [...]

Map Out Your Retirement With Seeman Holtz

Retirement is supposed to be a time when you can do what you want to do without having to worry about working to bring in income to fund your lifestyle.  However, almost everybody worries to some degree about burning through their nest egg.  In this video, CNNMoney's Christine Romans covers some of the basic planning [...]

The Economics Behind Connected Cars

With connected cars finally becoming popular with more and more cars taking advantage of the internet to add entertainment and safety features for the driver, there are a number of companies banking on the technological growth. From the car makers themselves, to service providers diving into the market, check out the economics behind connected cars...