How high-tech tools help with retirement planning and saving

Tech tools can help develop savings discipline. The nature of work is changing radically and retirement planning and saving have to change with it. Tech tools can help make the needed changes successful. Behavioral economist Shlomo Benartzi, in a recent Harvard Business Review article, makes just that argument. Pension plans have disappeared. And [...]

A million dollars isn’t enough for retirement planning

Making sure you have enough is part of retirement planning. Take into account in your retirement planning that $1 million may not be enough. That's the message of a recent CNBC article. According to the article, a 67-year-old retiring now on $1 million and withdrawing at a 4 percent rate can expect $40,000 [...]

Don’t forget long-term care in retirement plans

Don't neglect long-term care in preparing for a comfortable retirement. It's about as much fun thinking about the need for long-term care as it is to contemplate one's mortality. But you need to do both. The truth is, most Americans wind up in need of long-term care at some point. At the same [...]

How to have a happy retirement

Don't forget fun in your retirement plan. A happy retirement is about more than money (though having a solid financial plan is crucial). A new study shows some specific steps you can take to make the most of your retirement. Money Magazine reports on a study by researchers from The American College, Eastern New [...]

Move over Miami? picks unexpected top retirement spot

Pittsburgh tops the list of places to retire on a new list. You'd think somewhere with palm trees and umbrellas in drinks would be the best place to retire. But begs to differ. CNBC reports: After working for decades, you may be tempted to find the most tropical, relaxing destination on the [...]

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