What Does The Federal Reserve President Think About Current Interest Rates?

With interest rates remaining steady for a number of years, are we on the verge of a change? The president of the Federal Reserve is weighing in on where he think's interest rates need to go... Get your investment portfolio on track with the help of the elite financial team at Seeman Holtz.

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Yahoo: The Rise And Fall

Yahoo once dominated the internet in a big way, with influence felt almost everywhere. They were the leading search engine, revolutionizing the web search and being used by millions of users around the world. But in recent years, the company has met some devastating competition, and mistakes have led to a massive downfall. Dive into [...]

Co-Financing For Couples

Managing your finances can be a tough project, especially for couples in relationships who need to agree and make compromises on a regular basis. The Wall Street Journal is taking a look into a new study diving into the subject of couples and money, and how it affects everyday relationships: Ensure your finances are in order for [...]

Is Gas Money Eating Into Your Savings?

How much are spending on gas every month? Is it eating into your possible savings? According to AAA - millions of American's are spending too much on gas by buying a more premium grade than their car actually needs. Dive into the issue below with Fox News: