Client Makeover: Additional Retirement Income

Client Makeover: Additional Retirement Income

Stuart is 50 years old, married and is now an empty nester. Stuart is now ready to start adding more money into his retirement plan but he is already maxing out his 401k every year. Knowing that his 401k will be fully taxable when he retires, he would like to have some tax free income as well.

Here Is What We Did:

The simple solution is to use the concept of ‘Life Insurance for You”. Rather than paying for a life insurance policy for a large death benefit to protect your family, ‘Life Insurance for You” is overfunding a policy with the minimum death benefit allowed so that the cost of insurance is minimal which allows greater growth of your account value otherwise known as a Cash Accumulation, Tax Advantage Life Insurance Policy. This particular policy, on the most conservative look back, has averaged 8.63% annually over the past 20 years with no downside risk. We set Stuart up on quarterly contributions of $3,000 ($12,000 per year). By setting up the policy to have the minimum death benefit which allows the cash to perform better, he started off with $322,000 of Death Benefit protection for his wife. As long as Stuart continues to contribute $12,000 per year until age 65, he will be able to take Tax Free Income from the policy of $22,399 per year from age 66 to 90!

That’s a Tax Free retirement income totaling $335,985 with premiums totaling only $180,000 over 15 years!!

How Did We Accomplish This?

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