Client Makeover: Legacy Planning With Premium Financing

Client Makeover: Legacy Planning With Premium Financing

James & Mary have worked hard their whole lives and have amassed a net worth just over $4 Million.  James is 81, Mary is 78 and due to health issues, they are not able to qualify for certain Estate Planning Strategies.  They have two children, who are doing well and three grandchildren.

James and Mary are content knowing that they have full access to their money should a need arise and recognize that one day their family will inherit the majority of their estate.  However, they have growing concerns for their grandchildren’s generation.  With looming inflation, high unemployment and less opportunity for Pension/Social Security Benefits, James and Mary would like to do something today that will help their three grandchildren secure a decent retirement.

Here Is What We Did:

Starting with their oldest granddaughter Emma, who is 23, we showed James and Mary how to utilize a Premium Financed Life Insurance Policy to fund a Tax Advantage, Cash Accumulation Retirement Fund for their granddaughter.  By using this strategy, it only cost James and Mary $1,622 per year for a period of 10 years to create Tax Free retirement income of $131,633 per year for Emma from age 66 to 95!


That’s a Tax Free retirement income totaling $3.81 Million!!

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