Client Makeover: Traditional Legacy Planning

Client Makeover: Traditional Legacy Planning

After 30+ years of owning their own business, Morty and Linda have amassed a net worth of over $15 Million.  Morty and Linda are both 79 years old.  They have three children, who are doing well and five grandchildren.

Morty and Linda are content knowing that they have full access to their money should a need arise and recognize that one day their family will inherit the majority of their estate.  However, the possibility of future Tax Increases has given them the motivation to look at the best Estate Planning options. Morty and Linda would like to do something today that will help reduce the possibility of the bulk of their estate being absorbed by taxes.

Here Is What We Did:

After reviewing the options, Morty and Linda felt comfortable funding a $10 Million Survivorship Life Insurance Policy at approximately $270,000 per year. Further, by purchasing this policy as part of an I.L.I.T (Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust) they have created a $10 Million Income Tax Free and Estate Tax Free event for their family!

Over 15 years, that converts a taxable $4 Million into $10 Million, Completely Tax Free!!

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