Seeman Holtz is a wealth management & financial services company that has been exclusively serving the senior market since 1998. Our organization serves thousands of clients nationwide, helping them to plan & manage all aspects of their retirement. Seeman Holtz is headquartered in South Florida, and offers local offices from coast to coast. Regardless of where clients reside during the year, personal needs will always be met.

The success of Seeman Holtz centers around offering extraordinary client service & satisfaction. Seeman Holtz clients benefit from a team of experts dedicated to providing unique & customized financial retirement planning, in addition to outstanding customer service.

Seeman Holtz handles every client differently with an individual and unique approach. Every client has a different set of circumstances, whether it’s health, finances, family structure and philosophy. Seeman Holtz works with the individual and family to develop and provide the best possible planning and results. There is no one plan that makes sense for all.Seeman Holtz also provides its clients with continual education through workshops, newsletters, the website, and other printed publications.

Seeman Holtz was co-founded in 1998 by Eric Holtz and Marshal Seeman. Marshal and Eric were freshman roommates at Washington University (Saint Louis) and have been
close friends every since. They both played football and were on the university’s track and field team – eventually becoming the co-captains of both teams.

Eric and Marshal are experts at all areas of post-retirement financial planning and have built a team of advisors and support administration that provide trusted guidance for
thousands of clients across the country.

With core philosophies and unmatched client appreciation and service, Seeman Holtz has a clear vision to become the largest post-retirement financial planning company in the nation while always knowing that our success comes from you.

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