Chronic Illness Planning

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The foundation of all estate planning should be a well thought out and sound chronic illness plan.Seeman Holtz understands through years of experience that there is no greater emotional, psychological or financial threat to retirement than long-term chronic illness. Almost all families have been dramatically affected or are currently dealing with chronic illness issues. The statistics on long-term care continue to rise as life expectancy continues to increase. Regardless of your income or assets, a chronic illness or Medicaid plan can be designed to provide your retirement with security and peace of mind. Chronic illness planning is one of the specialties that Seeman Holtz offers its clients. Chronic illness plans developed for clients always take the following factors into consideration:There is no one plan that makes sense for everyone. Seeman Holtz provides planning that is individualized and custom to meet the specific needs of each client.

Seeman Holtz specializes in various techniques that can protect the assets of clients from chronic illness without having purchasing long-tem care insurance.Long-term care insurance works in very specific situations, but does not work in most situations. There are numerous planning strategies that can offer financial protection from the devastation of chronic illness without costly insurance products.

All seniors deserve peace of mind that comes from having addressed the potential threat of chronic illness. If a chronic illness plan is not a part of your current retirement plan, allow Seeman Holtz to show you various customized planning options that make sense with your specific situation.