What are Structured Settlements and why now?

What are Structured Settlements and why now? 2018-05-02T04:46:52+00:00

What are Structured Settlements and why now?

As a financial position for “Income Now” scenarios or fixed returns, one of the most popular products we have been recommending to our clients are pre owned immediate annuities backed by companies like NY Life, MetLife, John Hancock, Hartford and Prudential just to name a few. The reason we have been recommending pre owned vs. a new immediate annuity is that the rates on a pre owned annuity are between 4-8% while a new annuity is around 2% or less. During these difficult financial times, there are a large number of people that need lump sums of cash and they have been selling their annuities at a discount. Typically, these people received these annuities due to a lottery winning or law suit settlement, hence “Structured Settlement”. Seeman Holtz are on the other end of that spectrum where our clients, like yourself, have cash and are looking for a better return and we work with our clients to find the right Structured Settlement to fit your financial needs.

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