Our Story

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Seeman Holtz is a leading comprehensive pre and post retirement planning company in the nation. We have been working with the retirement community since 1998. Our organization serves thousands of clients nationwide, helping them to plan & manage all aspects of their retirement. Seeman Holtz is headquartered in South Florida, and offers local offices from coast to coast.

We are committed to providing value to each client relationship. From the initial conversation, we strive to educate clients to our process, our core philosophies and our service model.

Our goal is simple enough: to earn all the business from our clients. We know that the only way to achieve this goal is to consistently provide value.

Seeman Holtz works with clients based upon directions that we have developed over 15 years of working with retirees. Our company did not start with this philosophy. We started out selling products. Over time we identified how various products and strategies fit into different family situations most effectively and more importantly which products and strategies don’t fit in those situations. We started out being good salespeople and over time became advisors. In 2007, we incorporated our formal client service model into our relationships. We went from being advisors to creating value as trusted advisors. Each day we get better at our craft and each day our clients benefit more from the relationship.

Seeman Holtz was co-founded in 1998 by Eric Holtz and Marshal Seeman. Marshal and Eric were freshman roommates at Washington University (Saint Louis) and have been close friends ever since. They both played football and were on the university’s track and field team – eventually becoming the co-captains of both teams.

With core philosophies and unmatched client appreciation and service, Seeman Holtz has a clear vision to become the most respected pre and post retirement planning company in the nation.