Client Service Model

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We promise that service will always be what provides value in our client relationships. After an initial phase of identifying directions and implementing a plan, we will be meeting with clients several times a year. Various factors will impact a comprehensive plan: changes in your health, family, income needs, and economic conditions will necessitate adjustments over time.Additionally, we use these meeting to update clients on advisor and company growth, our perspective on current economic conditions and the current portfolio of products and strategies we are incorporating into client relationships.

Our formal meeting platform focuses on the following   four areas that we like to review at least once a year:


This basically answers the question “What happens if I get sick?”

The issues are more than just financial. Geographic, family and lifestyle options are also important considerations.

“Will we move to be closer to a family member?”
“When should I consider assisted living options?”
“What if I get a little sick? What about very sick?”

We find that these answers and views change dramatically over time for clients. It is important to begin a proactive dialog before someone else is making these decisions for you.


Most of our clients have a good idea of what they spend and how their income is secured. However, it is beneficial to have a plan should additional income be needed.

When a spouse who was primarily responsible for this information passes, the surviving spouse can oftentimes be left with unnecessary anxiety. As well, if a client experiences the onset of dementia, the ability to monitor these areas fails.

Having an annual conversation about income needs and areas of expenditure is a basic way to ensure a client remains on the right financial track.


At least once a year we like to review the “big picture” with clients. This consists of a review of all contracts and statements. Over time, a client can forget the particulars of a product, direction or strategy. This meeting provides a formal refresher course on their asset positions. In this review, it is as important to understand WHAT each asset is doing as how it is actually performing.


In this review meeting, we simply wish to make sure that how a client wishes to pass on assets not spent in retirement is properly reflected in the client’s legacy documents.

This is an area where we see some of the greatest lack of planning among people we meet – nearly half will have some kind of discrepancy between what they wish to happen and what will actually happen. How a client wishes to transfer assets and to who may also change dramatically over time. Every family has familiarity with the drama that can occur without proper planning in this area. A consistent legacy review ensures wishes are fulfilled. We can coordinate with your estate planners, as well as have relationships with numerous local attorneys in all geographic locations.

We look forward to serving you.