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The Seeman Holtz Advisory team provides a single source relationship to business owners for all of their financial, insurance, and employee management based needs. A typical business, on average, deals with 10 or more professionals in order to accomplish what we can do with one point of contact! We have a large team of technical experts in house that your comprehensive risk advisor will have at their disposal in order to assist you in accomplishing any defined goals as it relates to Commercial Insurance, Business Succession Planning, Human Resources, and Employee Benefits. At the onset of the relationship, we perform a free comprehensive financial risk analysis in order to identify and put an action plan in place for our clients.

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Here are just a few of the areas of risk that we have to consider
when conducting a risk analysis for a business:

  • Professional Liability
  • Business Interruptions
  • Cyber Liability
  • Regulatory Issues 
  • Reputation Management
  • Harassment
  • Economic Environment
  • Consumer Liability
  • Succession Plan
Call us nationwide at: (800) 991-3592

Call us nationwide at:
(800) 991-3592