Our Process

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The advisors at Seeman Holtz consistently work with prospects and clients within a formal process. We take pride in our unique client-focused approach to retirement financial planning. This process is the same for all prospects and clients across the country.

We know exactly how we work with retirees in different situations. We refer to them as directions. Our process is to explain exactly how we see you as a client and how we work with people in your situation – what we feel is important both in the big picture as well as with products and strategies.

We want our clients to understand why a product or strategy makes sense for them even more than what the specific bells and whistles a product can have. This includes what products and strategies don’t make sense. We have strong convictions as to how specific products should be used and where they fit and where they don’t.

Many financial planning companies focus on one or two products and everyone is going to hear about how great those products are, whether they make sense or not. We focus on our clients. We realize product opportunities will change dramatically over time as economic conditions change but our client relationships will not.

Our process begins with a financial intake which focuses on the following:
How much you spend and the how much of your income comes from fixed sources and how much comes from your investments,
How your specific income sources may change over time,
The breakdown of your assets within real estate, fixed and variable positions,
Your chronic illness plan (what happens if you get sick),
And your legacy plan (how your assets not spent will pass to beneficiaries),

From this information we can determine a financial direction, or directions, that will frame a potential relationship. This is simply summarized as “this is how we see you, what we feel are the important planning aspects for a family in your direction, what we look for in asset positions and how we work with people in your situation”.

Our financial directions are discussed under the “Client Directions” button on our website.

We also have a formal client service model that is discussed under the “Client Service Model” button that is focused on the real value of the on-going relationship with a Seeman Holtz advisor.