What We Believe

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We take great pride in our ability to communicate what we believe and our core philosophies to the retirement community. We know exactly what we do and how we work with people. We do not try to be all things to all people.

The clients that value a relationship with Seeman Holtz in some way identify with our message and appreciate the way we explain why a product or strategy makes sense and what it is accomplishing for them.

What we believe in covers many aspects of our business model:

What we believe about a relationship:

That it should begin small and build through trust and credibility over time.

What we believe our clients want:

They want to work with someone who has the client’s agenda in mind, not their own. They want to work with someone that can clearly explain why a product fits their situation, how it will benefit them and what to expect every step along the way. They want to move at their own pace and do not want to ever feel pressured. They want a trusted advisor.

What we believe about products and strategies:

Where and how a product fits in a client situation is more important than what a product does.

Some products are designed for income, some are designed for liquidity, some are for tax efficiency, some are for yield, some for growth, etc.

Being able to communicate why we value certain products in certain situations in easy to understand language is one of the greatest values we provide.

What we believe about how to work with clients:

We work with clients along directions. Some of our clients will need income from their investments to cover their monthly expenses. Most, however, will not. We will want to keep some clients’ positions as liquid as possible. We will want to position other clients’ assets towards safely achieving the highest yield while still others we will favor positions with the greatest tax efficiency.

Economic conditions, the tax environment, products and strategies will all change over time. How we work with our clients will not. They will always understand what we believe about the issues that affect their situation and direction.

What we believe about client service:

We work in the field of financial services. The word service is in the title of our industry. However, we believe that the retirement community feels that service is mostly lacking from their financial professionals. The working careers of our clients were spent in an era where service was expected and provided. In other words, our clients know what service is supposed to feel like.

Our client service model was designed to provide value. This value is created by our proactive approach to comprehensive planning. Our typical relationship develops and builds over time.

What we believe about income:

We believe that income needed to cover living expenses should come from a secure source. Peace of mind in retirement comes from knowing that you will not outlive your money. Whether you need $30,000 a year to get by or $300,000, you should fund your retirement lifestyle with certain income. Most retirees that have their money positioned with variable income experience at least a little anxiety about their financial security. We want all our clients to rest easy with the knowledge that their income is secure.

What we believe about tax efficiency:

We believe that we have entered an increasing tax environment. We also believe that these increases will be incremental and consistent through the foreseeable future. We have always positioned tax efficient strategies with our clients. If our clients need income, or just a better place to park some money, tax advantaged positions are obviously attractive. We believe the strategies that are attractive in today’s tax environment will be even more effective as the tax environment increases.

What we believe about wealth transfer:

We believe that assets not needed in retirement should be positioned to create a legacy. A legacy is not only for wealthy retirees. We educate our clients that the concept applies to any amount of money and gifts that are passed on. How do you want to leave what is not needed?

Our experience is that most retirees live within their means. They want to know they can use their money should they need to but they are basically frugal. These clients will be leaving an estate. Over time we work with our clients to develop a plan to create their legacy.

What we believe about different asset classes:

We specialize in capital preservation, safe income, and conservative yield.
Our products diversify out of the potential market loss from stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, reits, and commodities.

We also believe in not putting all your eggs in one basket. This strategy of conservative asset diversification provides our clients with peace of mind.

We do however have multiple professional associates that are money managers for market based investments. This can fit within a client’s goals if they aren’t completely risk averse.